All our 350g fillet steaks are sourced from the best cattle farms in Queensland and cooked

to order. All steaks are served with seasonal vegetables and baked potatoes.

(Please allow 50 minutes cooking time for  well done )                                                                                                                                                                    200g               300g


Steak Champignons                                                                             $39.90                    $46.90

Grilled fillet steak served with creamy mushroom, garlic

and red wine sauce .                  

Steak Diane                                                                                                  $39.90                    $46.90

Traditional scaloppine of fillet steak served with creamy garlic,

red wine and Worcestershire sauce

 Pepper Steak                                                                                             $39.90                   $46.90

Grilled fillet steak served with creamy green peppercorn and red

wine sauce

Tuscany Steak                                                                                            $42.90                    $49.90

Grilled fillet steak topped with BBQ prawns and served

with a red wine jus.



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