Vegetarian Risotto                                                                     $30.90

Sundried tomatoes, Spanish onions, fire roasted capsicum,

mushrooms and spinach, cooked in Napolitana and basil

pesto sauce.

King Prawns and Bacon Risotto                               $41.90

King prawns, bacon, onion, mushrooms, basil pesto and

garlic cooked in red wine and Napolitana sauce.

Chicken and Bacon Risotto                                               $34.90

Chicken breast, bacon, onion, mushrooms and garlic cooked in

Napolitana and basil pesto sauce.

Seafood Risotto                                                                              $41.90

Medley of seafood, mushrooms, garlic and chilli cooked in

red wine, basil pesto and Napolitana sauce. 

Chicken and Asparagus Risotto                                    $34.90

Chicken breast , asparagus, and green peppercorns  cooked

in vegetable stock, parsley and finished with Parmesan cheese.