Small     Large    

Carlingford Special                                                                            $25.90            $36.90

Pepperoni, mushrooms, prawns and pineapple.

Supreme                                                                                                          $25.90            $36.90

Pepperoni, bacon, ham, mushrooms, capsicum, onions,

pineapple and kalamata olives.

Fred’s special                                                                                           $25.90            $36.90

Bacon, eggs and mushrooms.

Bolognese                                                                                                      $25.90            $36.90

Extra beef and cheese in our special homemade bolognese sauce.

Chicken Italia                                                                                           $25.90            $36.90

Topped with BBQ chicken, mushrooms, onions and capsicum.

Margherita                                                                                                 $25.90            $36.90

Mozzarella cheese, tomato and a touch of basil pesto.

Tropical                                                                                                       $25.90            $36.90

Traditional ham and pineapple.

Vegetarian                                                                                                   $25.90            $36.90

Mushrooms, capsicum, onions and pineapple.

Sweet & Sour                                                                                         $25.90            $36.90

Bacon, prawns, onions and pineapple.

Wanita                                                                                                          $25.90            $36.90

Bacon, mushrooms, capsicum, onions and pineapple.

Capriciossa                                                                                                  $25.90           $36.90

Pepperoni, mushrooms, capsicum, onions and oregano.

Potatoes                                                                                                         $25.90            $36.90

Oven roasted potatoes with a sprinkle of herbs and garlic.


                        Gourmet Pizzas     

                                                                                                                       Small     Large  

Sicilian                                                                                                             $26.90            $36.90

Spicy Italian sausage, Spanish onion, fire roasted capsicum, olives
and oregano on a napolitana base.

Davinci                                                                                                         $26.90            $36.90

Italian sausage, mushrooms, diced tomatoes and oregano.

Kampot                                                                                                            $26.90            $36.90

Marinated Thai satay chicken and fire roasted capsicum.

Africana                                                                                                          $26.90           $36.90

Marinated eggplant, sliced potatoes, mushrooms, napolitana

sauce and cheese.

Rosemary                                                                                                     $26.90           $36.90

Chicken, potatoes and rosemary on a pesto base.

Last minute                                                                                                $26.90            $36.90

Chicken, avocado, bacon, sliced potatoes and broccoli

on a pesto base.

Tandoori                                                                                                         $26.90           $36.90

Tender strips of chicken in traditional Indian spices
with tangy tomato sauce, spanish onion and green capsicum. 

Meatball                                                                                                          $26.90            $36.90

Home made meatballs( beef & veal mince),cooked with red wine,

garlic, and served on a napolitana base.


         Vegetarian Gourmet Pizzas

                                                                                                                                  Small     Large   

Romano                                                                                                          $25.90           $36.90

Fried zucchini, potatoes, fire roasted capsicum, with romano

cheese on a napolitana base. 

Algiers                                                                                                               $25.90           $36.90

Fire roasted capsicum, eggplant, artichokes, roasted garlic,

 blue vein cheese and herbs on a napolitana base. 

Matador                                                                                                         $25.90            $36.90

Spanish onion, diced tomatoes, olives and crumbled fetta cheese
on a pesto base, drizzled with olive oil and oregano.

Conga                                                                                                                $25.90           $36.90

Fetta cheese, artichoke hearts, fire roasted capsicum, sundried

tomatoes and olives, topped with cheese on a napolitana base.

Farm Vegi                                                                                                     $25.90           $36.90

Carrots, shallots, bean sprouts, mushrooms, diced tomatoes,

Spanish onions, fire roasted capsicum,garlic and herbs on a

napolitana base.

Popeye                                                                                                           $25.90           $36.90

Pesto base with Spanish onions, diced tomatoes, English spinach
and ricotta cheese, topped with roasted garlic.


                                       Seafood Pizzas 


                                                                                                                                  Small     Large   

Pago                                                                                                                   $28.90           $41.90

King prawns, sundried tomatoes and ricotta cheese on a pesto

base with a touch of chilli.

Egino                                                                                                                 $28.90           $ 41.90

King prawns, Tasmanian scallops and octopus on a napolitana

base with parmesan cheese and oregano.

Trinidad                                                                                                          $28.90            $41.90

King prawns, sundried tomatoes, Spanish onions, romano cheese
and roasted garlic on a napolitana base.

Athenian                                                                                                         $26.90           $41.90

Octopus on sweet chilli base with fire roasted capsicum,

black olives and roasted garlic,topped with parmesan cheese.

Michaelangelo                                                                                         $26.90            $ 41.90

Smoked salmon, Spanish onions and capers topped with
sour cream, black and red caviar and garnished with chives.

Bangkok                                                                                                         $28.90            $ 41.90

King prawns and Tasmanian scallops served on a satay base,

topped with snow peas and sesame seeds.

Prawn Kilpatrick                                                                              $28.90           $41.90

Marinated garlic king prawns, chives and worcestershire sauce

 on a BBQ sauce base, garnished with bacon and sesame seeds.